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26 November, 2010

Angelina Jolie’s twin Tatyana Vorzheva

Was browsing randomly yesterday night where i came across a series of photos featuring this girl who look alike with Angelina Jolie and her name is Tatyana Vorzheva. She’s from Ukraine and have raise attention worldwide since being featured as “Angelina Jolie’s twin”.
The name of this awesome blonde coming out on the cover of XXL Magazine is Tatyana Vorzheva from Ukraine. Appears with a golden melenaza ad, beefy-red lips extremely lethal and a look that takes your breath away. So far, her greatest merit is to be very similar to Angelina Jolie. Actually, depending on the photography, makeup and angle, it is almost impossible to discern the two, as the trial that she did for XXL magazine.
Source : Tatyana Vorzheva XXL Magazine October 2010
True enough, only certain pictures taken from specific angles with the proper make up makes her look alike with Angelina Jolie. Oh and this girl sings!
Yeah do check out the video where she don’t look that same compared to her in the photos. Haha.
Makes me wonder that is there any evil twin of me somewhere else on another end of the earth.
Click here for more pictures of Tatyana Vorzheva.

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